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Vaughn Chat



  • You can turn off the speaker on your cam, above right, on your webcam image, or other's webcams.

  • You can make the font larger and change the color of your text.

  • You can open someone's webcam by clicking on a number by their name.

  • You can open 4 webcams at one time.

  • If you do not want private messages, above, you can turn that off.

  • If you go into a private message with someone, your webcam will stop in the general room.

  • You can make one the webcams larger, upper right of the cam you want bigger.

  • If you do not type for a period of time, you will be pushed out of the chat.  Just log in again.

  • If you want to listen to the music from one of the players above, press a play button.

  • If your webcam stops, you can start it again with the "Start webcam" button above.


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