Reviews of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is AWESOME

Date: Nov 11 2000
Rating: A+
Amsterdam is awesome! I was there in June 1999 and had a great time. My cousins were living there, so it was very cool that I got to stay with them. But during the day I took one of their bikes out and went to all the different museums and actually met a lot of Americans. I was only there for 3 days, but I saw a great improv comedy show put on by Americans living in Amsterdam, and took a fabulous tour of the Heineken factory--free samples, anyone? I also went to tons of street markets, smoked some weed in a bar, and walked through the red light district where the hos are just sitting in the window half naked. So interesting...
Not only were the people so nice and friendly, the city is incredibly beautiful. If you look at a map of Amsterdam, you can see that the majority of the streets in the main part run over canals! It is so cool! I recommend going there to anyone, whether or not you smoke weed or like to party. If you like to ride bikes, go there. The rest of the country is so very flat, it's supposed to be a great place to ride. I can't say enough good things, so instead I'll just beg you to go. And ignore people making fun of you for being a stoner because there is so much other stuff to do, you won't want to waste your day away getting high in a dark coffeehouse or bar.
===This reviewer also smuggled some mushrooms from Amsterdam, but does not recommend this to anyone else. The girl next to her on the train to Germany got searched so she managed to get lucky. You might not.===


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